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"It is the obligation of educators, policymakers, community and business leaders to seek to understand the differences... (in cultures, expectations, and dreams) ...when shaping a system of education that serves all of a state's and nation's citizens." 

    ~ Why International Education? International Education Organization, 2002 ~

The International Education Center of Excellence is a not-for-profit agency that provides comprehensive services to educational institutions, corporate entities, and community organizations with emphasis on global awareness and sustainability education of our citizens.  The Center challenges learners of all ages to consistently reflect on and question what it means to be acting at one’s fullest potential as a learner, leader, and global citizen.  Learners are asked to use their education to improve themselves, their local neighborhood, and global communities and to strive for sustainable living.

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“I remember sitting on a river boat on the Yangtze River in China after having tested the water for pollutants two days prior.   Children swam in the muddy waters and the people regularly ate the fish they acquired from the Yangtze.  In Africa, I remember walking to the schools one morning to visit the secondary math classes when I passed children carrying water to their houses from the village well.  Everyday they did this, two or three times.   These two experiences helped shape my entire view on the use of water worldwide.  I am amazed at how much I waste each day as opposed to those who are experiencing shortages of their own.  I realized that this was not rote knowledge given to me in my university education.  This was a feeling.   I became dedicated to using this idea of helping the students feel their education through experience, the best way to have them learn and develop their own ideas.   Despite the difficulty in incorporating this into every lesson plan, it is important to understand that various aspects of education lack this very factor.   I believe this integral component of my teaching style is dedicated to my experiences abroad.”


            ~ Middle School Teacher, Participant in International Education Experiences

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